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I'm developing a azure app that uses collocated cache. Except for the fact that I cannot get the damn cache everything is fine.

I keep getting a error "ErrorCode < ERRCA0017 >:SubStatus< ES0006 >" and I don't know what to do... looking around I've seen a lot of suggestions but none make sense if you consider the fact that I'm running everything on "UseDevelopmentStorage=true"...

I think that this might have a relation to the fact that I have AppFabric installed on my machine...

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I've read somewhere that having AppFabric installed on the machine could create problems for Azure Caching though I haven't run into the issue myself as I didn't have AppFabric installed on my computer. Though I did run into a number of issues with caching on emulator which were resolved. I have documented my experience here: gauravmantri.com/2013/08/07/…. Please check if the solutions I outlined there solve your problem. –  Gaurav Mantri Aug 28 '13 at 8:13
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