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I was just wondering how do you display the conetnts of a chosen folder on a ListView or something for example so the files can be individually be selected (and multiple files)

At the moment i have a folder dialog where the user chooses their desired path and yeah have stopped there :S

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Given the string path you can use




to retrieve the contents of a folder.

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Ahhh awesomee, seems like such a stupid question but ive been looking for it for too long and just got mental block loll. Thanks Guys!! :D – Ash Dec 4 '09 at 15:03
dangit :( what makes his answer so much better than mine? :( mine was even submitted 50 seconds earlier. Its his links isn't it? sigh defeated by his links... – Jrud Dec 4 '09 at 15:11

I'm going to focus on your statement : "a Listview or something," and talk about the "something" scenario :)

Why aren't you using the built-in control 'OpenFileDialog : you can set the 'MultiSelect property to 'true and select all the files you like, you can filter the files that appear in complex ways, etc. : it's there, it's "free," it works.

If you specifically do not want to use this control for reasons like, for example, you want the list files to remain visible (i.e., not to be a modal interface) at all times, I suggest you clarify your original question to reflect that. The more you tell us exactly what you want, the more focused the answers you can get.

regards Bill,

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Well the reason i didnt use the OpenFileDialog is because the files arent actually being opened they are being uploaded to a server, all i need to collect from the folder is the location and then the name and possibly some small over details then just upload the file to a server, the files can be multiply selected from loads of different folders which can all be viewed in the one list box. I think im using the right method still right? Ash – Ash Dec 6 '09 at 11:08

will return a string array which you can iterate through and display file names. It can be passed a true boolean value as well if you wish to do a recursive directory search.

If you wish to display directories as well, you will need to use

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If you just call ListView.Items.AddRange(Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\temp"); the names of all files in c:\temp will be shown in the ListView.

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All the cool kids use Linq :)

  var fileList = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\").GetFiles().Where(file => file.Extension == ".txt");
        foreach (var file in fileList)
            // Do what you will here
           // listView1.Items.Add(

This just gets text files in the C:\ drive, but you can tweak as necessary

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Thats is an amazing peice of code!! Thankyou so much i was trying to remember how to select only certain file types from a folder but could remember, is there a waqy of selecting multiple types but specifying them? Thanks, Ash – Ash Dec 6 '09 at 11:09

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