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I am trying to load an individual add-in using MEF. My scenario is as follows: when my application starts, it will search for a set of add-ins and load them into my app.

After this start-up phase, I would like the user to be able to load an add-in of their choosing. This is the bit I'm really struggling with.

My initial loading code is as follows:

    var compositionContainer = new CompositionContainer();

    var assemblyCatalog = new AssemblyCatalog(@"C:\MyPath\Experiment.dll");

    .. catalogs for other addins..
    var aggregateCatalog = new AggregateCatalog(assemblyCatalog);

    CompositionContainer container = new CompositionContainer(aggregateCatalog);

    foreach (var addin in addins)

I feel I should be able to add the new add-in to the catalog in the existing container, but I cannot find any way of adding it. The following does not work:

var assemblyCatalog = new AssemblyCatalog(filePath);
var catalog = this.compositionContainer.Catalog as AggregateCatalog;

How can I load the add-in that is in the dll at filePath. Furthermore, is there any way that I can call the .OnLoad method on that new add-in without calling it on the ones already loaded?

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It sounds to me like what you're looking for is already implemented in the Prism library. Specifically you should have a look at its modularity documentation and demo.

Prism can manage your add-ins (modules in Prism terms) and allows you to load them immediately or on demand. When a module is loaded, its Initialize method (which is implemented by every module via the IModule interface) is called, so there won't be any redundant initialization calls.

I should also mention that Prism supports MEF out of the box.

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Thanks Adi. That demo application is brilliant and absolutely the kind of functionality that I am looking for. –  Chris Spicer Aug 28 '13 at 7:58

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