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I've integrated some sample app drivers for Express Checkout into a test system, running the Merchant SDK 3.6.106. When I send the the SetExpressCheckout info, I receive the GetExpressCheckoutDetailsResponseDetailsType block that edifies the fact that my Number field was populated.

[Number xsi:type="xs:string"]1620[/Number]

However, after executing the DoExpressCheckout and then a final GetExpressCheckout to get the order information back and the GetTransactionDetailsResponseType object has the Number field in the SOAP data completely BLANK.

[Number xsi:type="xs:string"][/Number]

In addition, the resulting IPN message has all its fields populated except for item_number.

This does not happen when using _xclick button ordering or when using ClassicAPI code, it only happens with the SOAP code (which is what I prefer using!).

Does anyone have a workaround or fix for this problem other than my using memo or note to transfer my item_number? I've already used "custom" and "invoice" for other purposes.


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