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i have this query with NamedQuery using Hibernate this is my sample code.


@NamedQuery(name="com.company.generic.model.Student.getByID()",query="select name from com.company.generic.model.Student where id=:id")

Java Code

private Student getStudentNameById(Integer id)
    final Session session = ....
    final Query query = session.getNamedQuery("com.company.generic.model.Student.getByID()")
    final Student student = (Student)query.uniqueResult();
    return student;

when the query returns all the columns the resultTransformerworks OK but when i return only a few columns returns

Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.PropertyNotFoundException: Could not find setter for 0 on class com.company.generic.model.Student

my questions are

1). why works with all columns but not working with a few or only a column.

2). which is the diff between namedQuery and Criteria using resultTransformer should namedQuery have setProjection?

3). must i write my own transformer? any workaround...?

thanks a lot...

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question #1:
Most probably you need to add alias to name field in select list

select s.name as name from com.company.generic.model.Student s where s.id=:id

so Hibernate can find the setName(String) method in Student.class.
Using criteria the equivalent is


question #2:
Named query select list is the projection.

question #3:
see answers above

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yep the problem was i can only use namedQueries in this case.. but your solution works using ALIAS.. thanks a lot. –  chiperortiz Aug 28 '13 at 11:50

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