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In trouble shooting an issue with synchronizing disconnected devices with a central database server, we are experiencing a problem after upgrading to SQL Server 2012 on the server. It appears that the CHANGE_TRACKING_MIN_VALID_VERSION is returning a value 1 higher than it should (or at least than it did prior to the upgrade.)

I have been working thru Arshad Ali's great walk thru example of how to set up a simple example.

I have run the scripts from #1 thru #5 to insert, delete, and update a row in the Employee table in both a SQL Server 2008 and a 2012 environment.

In 2008, the following statement returns a 0:


In 2012, it returns a 1.

Has anyone else experienced this change in behavior? Does anyone have an explanation?

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Just an FYI, if you can't get a good answer here, you might want to try the database admin StackExchange site: – valverij Aug 27 '13 at 21:41
Thanks. I submitted an expanded version of the original question to dba.stackexchange and have had one reply thus far. – Glenn Estrada Aug 29 '13 at 16:00

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