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Has anyone tried using the wijmo widgets in DNN 7.+ ?

For my example I'm trying to use the upload widget.

  1. If I upload to a path on my server and test, it works (As in the dialog appears to choose a file... the popup)

  2. If I load it within a page on the site, the button shows but nothing happens when clicked.

All script files and necessary markup are correct.

No console erros, nothing. Very confusing.

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I would start by checking which version of jquery your local DNN install is using, perhaps there is a conflict between the two? –  Chris Hammond Aug 28 '13 at 2:42

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Wijmo widgets work in DNN 7.+.

The “action” option should be changed to the server’s address of upload.ashx file. Note: the upload sample can’t be opened by file path(d:/……/upload.html), please make sure it is opened on server.

Thanks, Richa

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