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just wondering ...

I've got an AngularJS written app with a CouchDB (So no rails or anything in between). I'd like to forego having a backend server where possible.

There's a requirement where we need to generate PDF reports from the app. The usual way is to generate it on the server somehow and then pass the URL back to the app but is there a way to do it locally from a pre-installed PDF generator automatically (not hit print and save as PDF). Or is there a paid web service able to generate the PDF and give me a link.

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I haven't seen anything for this in Angular yet but you can likely write a directive that uses this library stackoverflow.com/questions/742271/… See my post here on generically how to setup a directive stackoverflow.com/questions/18392946/… There's also this project that looks fairly mature and active github.com/mozilla/pdf.js but think it's only for display –  shaunhusain Aug 28 '13 at 0:25
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Check out jsPDF. It looks promising for generating PDFs in JavaScript. As for integrating it with Angular, this would not be a directive. It would likely be an Angular service which knows how to integrate with jsPDF.

You didn't mention, however, what you want to create as a PDF. Are you looking to convert your HTML (like a DOM segment) to a PDF? Or can you just write a PDF report from your data? If you are looking to convert HTML to a PDF, it will likely be difficult. In that case, you might be able to integrate with some of these services?

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Just to let you know - I've recently published another JavaScript PDF generation library pdfmake which follows a declarative approach and provides a little more advanced layout engine (supporting tables, columns, styling, style inheritance etc).

It can be used both on client-side and/or as a npm module.

You'll find more information in the Getting Started or in the Playground

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I really like what you have started with pdfmake: the formatting options look stronger than jsPDF. But how does it integrate with dynamic data, such as data from an angular factory? All the pdfmake examples have static text. I have opened an issue on github. github.com/bpampuch/pdfmake/issues/24 –  mg1075 May 8 at 19:27
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