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OrientDB question...

Does anyone know how I can get the recordId after an insert:


I tried below on the Person POJO:

private Object id;

but the id field was null after the save. I've googled and googled to no avail. I just need to insert an object, then get the recordid that orientdb generates.

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Define field in pojo:

private Object rid;

public Object getRid() {
    return rid;

When save:

YourClass proxy = db.save(yourClassInstance);
Object rid = proxy.getRid();
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I got it to work using ODocuments instead of POJOs (which works for my project). Code sample:

    ODatabaseDocumentTx db  = null;
    ODocument           doc = null;

    db = new ODatabaseDocumentTx("local:" + System.getProperty("user.home") + "/testDB");
    doc = new ODocument("Person");
    doc.field("name", "Peter");
    String rid = doc.getIdentity().toString();
    List<ODocument> results = db.query(new OSQLSynchQuery<ODocument>("select from " + rid));
    for (ODocument aDoc : results) {
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Alternatively you can make use of getRecordByUserObject() of OObjectDatabaseTx,

OObjectDatabaseTx db = new OObjectDatabaseTx("local:" + System.getProperty("user.home") + "/testDB");

ODocument oDocument = db.getRecordByUserObject( person, true );

String rid = oDocument.getIdentity().toString(); 
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