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Need to get the amount of partitions on a Disk 0 using batch file and depending on amount of these partitions should to run a specific diskpart script. For example, if there are just two partitions (SRP and C: volume) then run script1.txt, if there are three partitions (Recovery partition, EFI partition, and C: volume) then run script2.txt.

Please advice.

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How about this:

:: generate diskpart script
ECHO select disk 0 > temp.scr
ECHO list partition >> temp.scr
:: call diskpart and look for partition configurations, save in variable (next line)
diskpart /s temp.scr | findstr /r "Partition.[0-9]" | find /c "Partition" > temp.txt
:: do your logic
IF "%N_PARTITIONS%" == "2" (
    diskpart /s script1.txt
) ELSE IF "%N_PARTITIONS%" == "3" (
    diskpart /s script2.txt
) ELSE (
    ECHO ERROR: Unsupported number of partitions
:: clean up
DEL temp.scr temp.txt
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+1, nice & useful. –  Endoro Aug 28 '13 at 5:56

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