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When you use cqlsh with Cassandra you can make a describe query to get the information of a table for example:


And it will give you something like:

  empid int PRIMARY KEY,
  deptid int,
  description text
) ...

So how can I query this using Astyanax support for CQL. I was able to query simple SELECT statements with this:

OperationResult<CqlResult<String, String>> result
            = keyspace.prepareQuery(empColumnFamily)
              .withCql("Select * from emp;")

But this isn't working for DESCRIBE statements.

PD: I am really doing this to get the DATA TYPES of the table, parsing it later and obtaining for example int, int, text, so please if you have a different approach to get those, it could be awesome.

This query select column, validator from system.schema_columns; doesn't work because it doesn't return the composite keys.

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DESCRIBE is not part of the CQL spec (neither CQL2 nor CQL3). If you'd like to completely reconstruct the DESCRIBE you could take a look at cqlsh implementation (look for print_recreate_columnfamily).

You could also get some more meta info from system.schema_columnfamilies:

select keyspace_name, columnfamily_name, key_validator from schema_columnfamilies;

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Perfect, that was what I ended up doing. –  eLRuLL Aug 28 '13 at 5:40

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