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When echoing $teststring I get the string below from the foreach loop. I needed to remove the trailing comma and tried echo rtrim($teststring,','); this removes commas from inbetween each bracketed set of data. How can I remove only the last comma?


[Date.UTC(2013,15,6), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,7), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,8), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,9), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,10), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,11), 9 ],[Date.UTC(2013,15,12), 9 ],

I need to remove the trailing comma

foreach ($filtered_decoded as $results) {

   $date = str_replace("-",",",$results['date']);
   $pos = $results['position'];

    $arr = array("data"=>"[Date.UTC(".$date."), ".$pos." ],");

    // Tried to remove comma.
    $teststring = implode($arr);
    echo rtrim($teststring,',');
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do it OUTSIDE the loop, or you just trimming ache piece, not the finial strong – Dagon Aug 28 '13 at 2:33

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Remove the trailing comma in your expression here:

$arr = array("data"=>"[Date.UTC(".$date."), ".$pos." ],");
                                                      ^       Remove this

Then outside the loop use

$teststring = implode(",", $arr);

That should create your required string without the trailing comma

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