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Moment js has a function to get the number of days in a month :

However I could not find a function to find the number of iso weeks in a year (52 or 53).

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Here's an answer that isn't dependent on a library. It uses a function to calculate the week in the year that 31 December falls in for the required year. If the week is 1 (i.e. 31 December is in the first week of the following year), it moves the day number lower until it gets a different value, which will be the last week of the required year.

An alternative is to check that the returned year is the same and decrement the day number until it is.

function getWeekNumber(d) {
    // Copy date so don't modify original
    d = new Date(+d);
    // Set to nearest Thursday: current date + 4 - current day number
    // Make Sunday's day number 7
    d.setDate(d.getDate() + 4 - (d.getDay()||7));
    // Get first day of year
    var yearStart = new Date(d.getFullYear(),0,1);
    // Calculate full weeks to nearest Thursday
    var weekNo = Math.ceil(( ( (d - yearStart) / 86400000) + 1)/7)
    // Return array of year and week number
    return [d.getFullYear(), weekNo];

function weeksInYear(year) {
  var month = 11, day = 31, week;

  // Find week that 31 Dec is in. If is first week, reduce date until
  // get previous week.
  do {
    d = new Date(year, month, day--);
    week = getWeekNumber(d)[1];
  } while (week == 1);

  return week;

alert(weeksInYear(2015)); // 53

The getWeekNumber code is from here: Get week of year in JavaScript like in PHP.


At Scott's suggestion, here's one without the do loop so that if 31 December is in the following year it gets the week for 24 December.

function weeksInYear(year) {
  var d = new Date(year, 11, 31);
  var week = getWeekNumber(d)[1];
  return week == 1? getWeekNumber(d.setDate(24))[1] : week;

As a test, 2013-12-31 is in week 1 of 2014 and weeksInYear(2013) returns 52.

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Simpler than the do-loop would be to simply subtract 7. – Scott Sauyet Aug 28 '13 at 4:11
@scott - Yes. . – RobG Aug 28 '13 at 4:22

Use isoWeek on the last day of the year to get the number of weeks e.g. :

function weeksInYear(year) {
   return Math.max(
            moment(new Date(year, 11, 31)).isoWeek()
          , moment(new Date(year, 11, 31-7)).isoWeek()
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What happens when 31 December is in week 1 of the following year? – RobG Aug 28 '13 at 3:44
Updated answer. Thanks – basarat Aug 28 '13 at 3:53
you forgot a reference is needed for – Nischal Bachu Dec 10 '15 at 9:56

Feb. 4th 2014 the weeksInYear & isoWeeksInYear functions were added to moment.js

So today you can just use moment().isoWeeksInYear()or moment().weeksInYear()

For more into see the docs

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