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I have a class using UnityScript like this:

public class Responder{
    private var completeHandler:Function;

    public function addHandlers(completeHandler:Function):void {

Now, i want to use this class in c# code,

public class MyGame : MonoBehaviour{
    void Start(){
        Responder res = new Responder();
        res.addHandlers(?????);   //how to pass the param??


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Put the Javascript class in a folder called Plugins under assets. You will be able to call the methods written in JS from C# scripts.

The type Function in JS appears to me as Boo.Lang.ICallable in C#. As I couldn't import Boo.Lang by default, I took the Boo.Lang.dll from the Unity3D installed folder and copied it to the same Plugins folder in the project, then adding using Boo.Lang; at the top of my C# script.

You can now create and pass a new ICallable type as an argument from C# to JS.

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