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I need to pass a string to a stored procedure using cakephp and mysql.

Here is the string i'm passing to stored procedure, IN (13,10)

below is my stored procedure,

SET whereClause = " AND 1 = 1 ";
IF(in_clause IS NULL OR in_clause = '') THEN
    SET whereClause = CONCAT(whereClause, ' AND ',in_clause);

SET statement = 'SELECT PlantingBlock.* FROM (
    SELECT PB.*, 
    ST.size_type, AS plant_date,
    C.crop, AS crop_id
    FROM lf_planting_blocks AS PB,
         lf_blocks AS B,
         lf_properties AS P,
         lf_property_types AS PT,  
         lf_size_types AS ST,
         lf_varieties AS V,
         lf_plantings AS PLA,
         lf_crops AS C
        PB.block_id =
        AND B.property_id =
        AND P.property_type_id =
        AND B.size_type_id =
        AND PB.variety_id =
        AND V.crop_id =
        AND PB.planting_id =
        AND PB.plant_still_active = true
        AND B.is_deleted = false
        AND P.is_deleted = false
        AND PT.is_deleted = false
        AND ST.is_deleted = false
        AND V.is_deleted = false
        AND C.is_deleted = false';

SET statement = CONCAT(statement, whereClause, ') AS PlantingBlock ORDER BY PlantingBlock.plant_date DESC');

This gives an error called, SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'field list'

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The problem is that you try to add a condition to an inner select while referring to id column using an alias that gave to this subquery.

Therefore you either close subquery with parenthesis and apply WHERE clause to your outer SELECT

SELECT PlantingBlock.* 
) AS PlantingBlock
 WHERE IN (13,10) 
 ORDER BY PlantingBlock.plant_date DESC

or better yet just refer to id field in your inner select.

SELECT PlantingBlock.* 
   AND IN (13,10)
) AS PlantingBlock
 ORDER BY PlantingBlock.plant_date DESC
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@Irawana If you feel like the answer was helpful please, consider to accept it. – peterm Sep 8 '13 at 2:50

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