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how to start multiple daemons , they are "not" instances they are different daemons. i have used the following script but upstart hangs on start after stopping the daemons and restarting them.

#ubuntu upstart script for antkorp services 
description "Antkorp colloboration and communication platform"
author ""

start on runlevel [2345]
stop  on runlevel [016]

pre-start script
        logger -t "antkorp:" "antkorp platform booting...";
end script

post-start script
        logger -t "antkorp:" "antkorp platform started successfully.";
end script

pre-stop script
        logger -t "antkorp:" "antkorp platform stopping..";
end script

post-stop script
        logger -t "antkorp:" "antkorp platform stopped successfully.";
end script

and here is the init file for a daemon.

description     "antkorp gw daemon"

start on starting akorp
stop on stopping akorp

expect fork

pre-start script
logger -t "gw:" "antkorp gw daemon about to start.";
end script

exec /home/rk/gw

post-start script
logger -t "gw:" "antkorp gw daemon started successfully.";
end script

pre-stop script
logger -t "gw:" "antkorp gw daemon stopping ...";
end script

post-stop script
logger -t "gw:" "antkorp gw daemon stopped.";
end script

manual 'stop' works fine but 'start' hangs. please advise.

here is the daemon source code.


sigterm_handler(int signo)

main(int ac, char **av) 
    signal(SIGTERM, sigterm_handler);
    while(1) sleep(1); 
    return 0; 
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i use 'daemon' function to daemonize. and you can see 'expect fork' in the daemon configuration file. – Ravikumar Tulugu Aug 28 '13 at 5:14
"sudo stop gw" and "sudo start gw" commands work fine with out hanging. – Ravikumar Tulugu Aug 28 '13 at 5:53
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after many trials and errors finally solved it myself. removing "task" keyword from the master script "akorp.conf" file solves the problem.

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