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I have a variable in perl where i need to assign a hyperlink like below and when this variable is printed it needs to display the hyperlink. When the variable is displayed it shows nothing. How to do it. The below code didn't work. Please help.

my $Results_31 = "\<a href=\"http:\/\/xx.xxx.xx.xx\/Android\/31BX.html\"\>31\-Results<\/a>";
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Although that code has some unnecessary backslashes, it will certainly initialize $Results_31 to a value that, when printed, will show something. So you have problems in code that you've chosen not to post. –  ruakh Aug 28 '13 at 5:41
You are Assigning a html snippet while the error you are reporting Only makes Sense in the Context of a Full-Fledged html file. Which you actually need to provide in order to get help in the Issue that's beyond guesswork. –  collapsar Aug 28 '13 at 6:27
Replace the external double quotes with single quotes. –  Itamar Aug 28 '13 at 9:21

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Why exactly are you escaping not only " but also <, / and -, and not even all of them. It would be much more readable if you just wrote

my $Results_31 = '<a href="http://xx.xxx.xx.xx/Android/31.BX.html">31-Results</a>';

and that definitely works:

-bash-3.2$ perl
my $Results_31 = '<a href="http://xx.xxx.xx.xx/Android/31.BX.html">31-Results</a>';
print "$Results_31\n";

Produces the output

<a href="http://xx.xxx.xx.xx/Android/31.BX.html">31-Results</a>

So your problem is not in that line of code and nobody here can help you, given only the information you posted.

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