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Assume computer is playing as C and the opponent is playing as O. The bot must be intelligent enough to win when provided an opportunity. X represents a cell that is not taken. Also assume that computer made the first move

for eg:



What i want to know is how to approach this problem. Is there a specific algorithm to follow?. If yes please clarify it to me!

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Have you seen ? This shows that in principle you can make a large table mapping positions to next best moves. Of course generating that table would require an algorithm.... – Ray Toal Aug 28 '13 at 5:58
See this How to Answer[1] to the same question. [1]:… – Novak Aug 30 '13 at 11:33

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Use the minimax algorithm.

Once that is implemented, define a simple heuristic, or evaluation function. It could go something like this:

function scoreBoard(board) {
  if(board.isWin()) {
    return 1;
  else if(board.isTie()) {
    return 0;
  else {
    return -1;
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What you are looking for is the Minimax Algorithm. You can find details here:

The idea behind the algorithm is to generate all possible states, assume that the computer is intelligent and chooses the best move(maximizing its gain). Your move should minimize the gain of the computer.

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