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I have an auto-suggest textbox. A user can either pick an already existing item in the database of type in a new one.

How do i keep track of the id if item was selected (Store the id of the list of items coming from the db)?

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When you load the items from the DB, load it as a JSON string, so both the values and their associated IDs are passed into your javascript. You can even index it by the value:

var index = {};
index["some value"] = "some_id";

Then, when you are going to submit to the DB again, just reference for the ID.

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I will store the ids in id attribute of the li element. –  Colour Blend Dec 4 '09 at 17:08

The best choice depends upon the context. There are many ways to do this.

As Jordan suggested, use the <input type="hidden" ...> in a form, especially if the value will be submitted via a form.

Store the value in in a javascript var or object.

There is jQuery's Data Cache. This is a simple key value store.

$("body").data("key"); // returns "foo"

And you could store the value in a cookie. Which might make sense if you want the value to persist.

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I would assign the ID of the existing item to a hidden <input> element. When posting the form, you could first check for a value in the hidden <input> element. If there isn't one, use the value from the other text <input>.

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