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I have tables subcategory and listing_category. listin_category table has different records which include subcategory and category as well. What i want is to find count for all the subcategory for specific category say category=3, in my listing_Category table and update it in subcategory table. What i am trying to do it

UPDATE `subcategories` SET total_count = ( SELECT count( * )
FROM `listings_category`
WHERE category =3 and subcategory IN (
WHERE category_id =3 and

I am having problem in making array Any help will be appreciated. If any one suggest more optimized query that will be great. Thanks in advance

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You can just say in (select id from subcategories where whatever) –  dcaswell Aug 28 '13 at 6:22

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I solved it myself :) I wonder why people vote negative for meaningful question. Here is the solution.

update subcategories, 
         SELECT subcategory,count(subcategory) as count 
           FROM `listings_category` 
          group by subcategory
       ) sb  
  SET subcategories.total_count = sb.count 
where = sb.subcategory
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+1. Better use explicit ANSI JOIN syntax instead of implicit comma one –  peterm Sep 10 '13 at 0:19

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