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I'm trying to read all files from a certain directory and act upon their body. There are a lot of files and each minute new files are being added to the directory.

When I start my application and I have a set of files in the directory. They are processed in a sorted order but when new files are being added to the directory they are added to the back of the sorted queue of files that will be processed ?

Is there a way around this ? Is this why Resequencers exists in Camel ?

Current setup:

<camel:endpoint id="" uri="file:${}?readLock=true&amp;recursive=true&amp;moveFailed=${service.error}&amp;sortBy=reverse:file:name" />

    <camel:from uri="" />
            <camel:to uri="bean:parser?method=parseStream" />
            <camel:to uri="" />
            <camel:process ref="storeProcessor" />
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Interesting finding indeed. You want it act sort of like a priority queue with filename order being the priority. Fair enough. Take a look at this option eagerMaxMessagesPerPoll=true - even though I have not tried it, it seems to be something that could help you. Maybe you need to lower the maxMessagesPerPoll as well to get the desired result. – Petter Nordlander Aug 28 '13 at 7:22
Yeah just grab 1 message at a time, with maxMessagesPerPoll=1, then it will resort when Camel processes the next message. – Claus Ibsen Aug 28 '13 at 8:43
eagerMaxMessagesPerPull should be set to false, else the reverse ordering did not work. – Jonas Geiregat Aug 29 '13 at 14:07

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