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Due to hardware issues I want to install a new Kernel following this guide. But I am a little confused with this line:

$ sudo time fakeroot make-kpkg -j4 --initrd kernel_image kernel_headers

where I have to set the number of cores my processor has. I have an Intel i7-720QM which is a quad core. But I guess because of hyperthreading (at least I think my processor is hyperthreaded) I have to use the option -j8 instead of -j4. is this okay?

Note: In the comments of the guide above, this question was also asked, and one answer wos to use -j4 the other was to go with -j8 so i am confused now.

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The -j4 argument to make-kpkg (which gets passed to the underlying make) only sets the number of parallel compilation processes during the kernel build (and has no influence on the produced kernel packages). And it does not matter that much (so -j4 or -j8 won't make a very big difference in term of build time).

I often pass only -j3 to leave a core available to other processes (e.g. my web surfing or my email reading during the kernel compilation).

Also, some part of make-kpkg is intrinsically serial and cannot be parallelized (some tar running....)

And you could even remove the -j4 (same as -j1): kernel build time will increase, but your machine will be more responsive during it

PS: you don't need both sudo and fakeroot if the parent directory (..) is user-writable. It will contain the produced .deb packages. BTW, you could edit your /etc/kernel-package.conf.

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