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I have a (Wordpress powered) website, and Google is indexing some of the sub-directories. How can I stop Apache from showing users the directory listing? I know I can edit .htaccess to password-protect a directory, but I would prefer a 403 / custom redirect if possible.

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You need this entry in your .htaccess file:

Options -Indexes
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Look at your robots.txt rules, and make sure apache is not serving-up directory listings.

see &&

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Don't know much about Apache but you should do a 404 instead of a 403 if you can because a 403 tells someone that they may have found something interesting.

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You're suggesting that people use an incorrect error code to avoid people thinking they're not allowed to access something that they can't access? What? Moreover, the mediocre security-by-obscurity you're suggesting could also be achieved by correctly returning a 403 where disallowed and not found. – eyelidlessness Oct 10 '08 at 23:13

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