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I'm trying to retrieve the URL of the clicked link in an EditText. I want to touch a link, and then do something with its URL. The closest I've gotten is to determine if the span where the cursor sits is a URLSpan style:

int s1 = Math.max(mText.getSelectionStart(), 0);
int s2 = Math.max(mText.getSelectionEnd(), 0);
Spannable raw = new SpannableString(mText.getText());
CharacterStyle[] spans = raw.getSpans(s1, s2, CharacterStyle.class);
for (CharacterStyle span : spans) {
        //is a link, but what is the URL?


If I convert it all to an HTML string then I don't know how to relate the cursor position of plain text to the html text. I can get all the URLs in an EditText with getUrls(), but still do not know which one was clicked. If I could do something like: EditText.getPortion(start, end).getUrls(), that would be closer, but I've seen no methods for anything like that so far.

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Try this code,

EditText editText = (EditText) findViewById(R.id.edittext);
Linkify.addLinks(editText, Linkify.ALL);
Log.d(TAG, "HTML: " + Html.toHtml(editText.getEditableText()));

and see this tutorial also,


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Thank you, but I'm not trying to make web addresses into links. I'm trying to get the URL of link text when it is clicked. –  Ael Aug 28 '13 at 23:04

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