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I'm using the VSIX Durandal template (version 2.0). The previous version (1.2) had an optimizer.exe which could be run as part of the build process. I think Weyland has replaced this but I'm not sure how I can get this running as a build step in release mode.

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Here's how I do it:

if $(ConfigurationName) == Release (
  cd $(ProjectDir)
  attrib -R App\main-built.js
  weyland build

I like to clear the read-only flag just in case main-built.js is put in source control, but you may not need that line.

Note: If the build fails (or you don't have node and weyland installed), then refer to the following page for more info: https://github.com/BlueSpire/Durandal/issues/254


To setup npm to use an authenticated proxy, try these commands in an elevated command prompt (last 2 may not be necessary, but are useful for other tools):

npm config set proxy http://username:password@proxy:8080 
npm config set https-proxy http://username:password@proxy:8080
setx http_proxy http://username:password@proxy:8080 /M
setx https_proxy http://username:password@proxy:8080 /M

Then restart Visual Studio (or reboot). I think some might need to use https in the urls. If username or password contains @, then surround with quotes like this: http://"username:p@assword"@proxy:8080

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I'll mark this as correct as I've read the link in your answer and looked at other links which also suggest similar things. I can't actually test this though because, although I have node.js, I can't seem to install Weyland (npm install -g weyland) as I am behind a corporate proxy. i've tried the suggestion in stackoverflow.com/questions/11605621/… but that doesn't work for me :( –  user2269352 Aug 30 '13 at 10:59
I'm also behind a corporate proxy, and it is one that uses authentication, so I did all of the following (not sure which one worked): npm config set proxy username:password@proxy:8080 npm config set https-proxy username:password@proxy:8080 set http_proxy=username:password@proxy:8080 set https_proxy=username:password@proxy:8080 –  YipYip Aug 30 '13 at 21:26
When I do this, I get the error: weyland is not recognized as an internal or external command'. If i point directly to weyland, i get 'node is not recognized as an internal or external command'. Any idea why environment paths aren't working in post-build? –  Shaun Rowan Nov 16 '13 at 21:25
In case anyone else comes accross this, the issue was that VS and/or MS Build seems to cache environment variables. A reboot fixed the issue. –  Shaun Rowan Nov 17 '13 at 22:28
for those interested, there's a link here describing how to use node behind a corporate firewall. however, this still didn't work for me. jjasonclark.com/how-to-setup-node-behind-web-proxy –  bigerock Mar 11 at 21:48

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