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This is a for a dev machine and testing purposes. I'm trying to start a script that starts a server, then ignores it once the output meets a condition. The process does not end, so I can't use backticks. I will be -QUITing the process independently (somewhere else in the script). So far this is the closest I've got:

require "pty"
catch :ready do
    PTY.spawn( "bin/start" ) do |stdin, stdout, pid|
        stdin.each { |line|
          throw(:ready) if line['worker ready']
      rescue Errno::EIO
        puts "no more output"
  rescue PTY::ChildExited
    puts "child process exit"
end # === end of catch block

# Continue with the rest of the script...

So far it works, but I am new to Ruby and processes. All the other solutions I've seen online require pipes, forks, and Process.detach. Am I doing anything wrong by using throw while I am in a PTY.spawn?

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