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I'm using knockout.js to create a drag/drop diary for a customer, and I've just switched to testing in chrome where I get this mysterious error "Cannot read property 'childNodes' of undefined" in the parseBindingString function of knockout however this template is tested and working in FireFox/IFE10.

the error is thrown on the css: { blackout: workingHours($parent.DaysArray(0), $parents[1].ViewDate()).startTime.getTime() == workingHours($parent.DaysArray(0), $parents[1].ViewDate()).finishTime.getTime() } binding, however in the debugger context the node local variable has 4 registered child nodes as expected so knockout must be trying to do some serious tree navigation here, which simply isn't necessary for my workingHours() function or to add the blackout class to the current node.

I presume this has only arisen in chrome due to minor differences in the way the DOM is constructed between browsers, but could anyone offer some advice on how I can resolve this kind of issue? or things to check?

<td data-bind="
    css: { 
        blackout: workingHours($parent.DaysArray(0), $parents[1].ViewDate()).startTime.getTime() == workingHours($parent.DaysArray(0), $parents[1].ViewDate()).finishTime.getTime() }">
    <div class="unallocated-booking">
        <div class="status-bar-holder mini-status-bar-holder" data-bind="
            template: { 
                name: 'unallocated-booking-template', 
                foreach: todaysBookings($parent.DaysArray(0), bookings, $parents[1].ViewDate()) }"/>
    <div data-bind="
        attr: { 
            'data-init-droppable': false }, 
        class: { 
            droppable: isWorkDay( $parent.DaysArray(0), $parents[1].ViewDate() ) }, 
        template: { 
            name: 'week-cell-template', 
            foreach: todaysBookings($parent.DaysArray(0), bookings, $parents[1].ViewDate()) }"/>

Minor aside (probably needing a separate question) but ironically I only tried loading in chrome because the attr/class/template binding on the last element seems to be ignoring the class & attr bindings since I added the template binding and I wanted to debug in chrome. But since I've got the attention of all you knockout.js aficionado's already I thought I'd plug that in here :p. Might even be relevant though I can't see an issue with my syntax.

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If possible it would help to extend the code a bit into a repro, possibly even add a jsfiddle. This would make it much easier to help. – Jeroen Aug 28 '13 at 9:49
hmm, this template is the lynch pin between about 5 levels of templating, won't be too easy to make short of listing all my code but I'll see what I can do! – Dead.Rabit Aug 28 '13 at 9:56
sadly haven't got it working in time and moving onto something else now.. a repro will have to wait :S. – Dead.Rabit Aug 28 '13 at 11:01

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Knockout.js wasn't the cause of this issue

turned out to be a difference in the way the getElementsByTagName() works in Chrome as it doesn't require (or work when) the namespace of the searched element to be specified.

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