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Does Webrat require that the web application be written in Ruby/Rails?

I'd like to try it for writing tests against an ASP.NET web application.

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You can use webrat for any application, not just Rails. What you do is to use Cucumber + Webrat + Mechanize adapter. This combination makes ordinary HTTP requests against your web application.

In fact, for the moment, i'm working on a simple smoketest that tests a website portal and can verify that everything is up and running in different environments. (localhost, test env, staging, production).

Have a look in Cucumbers' source. There is an example in the folder: cucumber/examples/webrat/

What you do is to tell Webrat to use the Mechanize adapter. Now you have a headless browser that can access any application regardless of the framework it uses.

Note that if you need full javascript support, you probably want something else (Watir,Firewatir, Selenium, etc).

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Thanks. I was hoping that was the case. I'm trying to learn Ruby anyway so this is a great excuse to hone those skills. I hope to prove this soon and call this the answer! –  Randy Eppinger Dec 18 '09 at 17:30
Good to hear. I just did the same thing last week, and found the example in the folder cucumber/examples/webrat folder. It's pretty straight forward, and easy as the example already has running code :) –  Jesper Rønn-Jensen Dec 18 '09 at 19:29

It would be easier to jump to rails :P I stumbled upon this post because I was thinking that would be very handy.

Have a look at Cuke4Nuke

Also checkout the authors blog, there is a nice screencast but it uses WatiN

There is also some discussion here about eventually being able to build the equivalent of webrat for mvc


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Thanks Jake. I've looked at Cuke4Nuke. All of my Ruby buddies use Cucumber and WebRat. I was thinking if WebRat just uses HTTP that it could work for any web site. –  Randy Eppinger Dec 8 '09 at 14:25
Hey I just saw this as well which I think would help you test asp.net web apps blog.codeville.net/2009/06/11/… –  superlogical Dec 12 '09 at 10:35

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