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recently ,my vs2008 work in wrong way ,for instance :

 int avalue =30;
  int tempvalue=avalue;
  if (avalue>25)
  tempvalue =avalue+5;

running this in debuger way,what has happen with my compiler, the value of "avalue" is change to 35,I try some time ,but there is nothing happen.And I restart my vs2008 compiler ,the value of "avalue" is also 35.It work in a fine way since I restart my computer. However 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(148) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(150) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(155) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(156) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(157) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(158) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(161) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(162) : error C2065: “Tower”: 未声明的标识符 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(162) : error C2059: 语法错误 : “>” 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(162) : error C2653: “Tower”: 不是类或命名空间名称 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(163) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“)”(在“;”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(163) : error C2059: 语法错误 : “)” 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(164) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(168) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“)”(在“;”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(168) : error C2059: 语法错误 : “)” 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(169) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(172) : error C2065: “Epoint”: 未声明的标识符 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(174) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(178) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(178) : error C2065: “bullet”: 未声明的标识符 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(178) : error C2065: “enemy”: 未声明的标识符 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(178) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“,”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(180) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(181) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(182) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(183) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(186) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“{”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(188) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(189) : error C2143: 语法错误 : 缺少“;”(在“}”的前面) 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\classes\helloworldscene.cpp(189) : fatal error C1004: 发现意外的文件尾 1>main.cpp 1>Tower.cpp 1>e:\learnprj\towerdefence\towerdefence\proj.win32\tower.cpp(2) : fatal error C1083: 无法打开包括文件:“CCControlPotentiometer.h”: No such file or directory 1>Towerbase.cpp 1>tinystr.cpp 1>tinyxml.cpp 1>tinyxmlerror.cpp 1>tinyxmlparser.cpp 1>正在生成代码... 1>生成日志保存在“file://e:\LearnPrj\TowerDefence\TowerDefence\proj.win32\Debug.win32\BuildLog.htm” 1>TowerDefence.win32 - 111 个错误,0 个警告 ========== 生成: 成功 0 个,失败 1 个,最新 0 个,跳过 0 个 ==========

I have checked some times ,but I can not find any faults. How can solve this problem?

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You may want to consider adding more helpful tags (e.g. a tag indicating the language used). –  Dukeling Aug 28 '13 at 10:35
Turn optimization off, rebuild, try again. Also, where did all that gunge come form? –  Martin James Aug 28 '13 at 10:42
Reinstall your VS. –  Jake Lin Aug 28 '13 at 10:42
I think I have found the mistake.there is some wrong with the "clearup" button.It retains some things that last project generate. –  Rubbish001 Aug 31 '13 at 13:14

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