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I have the solr indexed data as below

  <str name="pincode">792056</str>
  <str name="city">Bijoypur-I Bl.I -III</str>
  <str name="district">Changlang</str>
  <str name="locality">Bijoypur-I Bl.I -III</str>
  <str name="state">Arunachal Pradesh</str>

My problem is for 10 distinct pincodes from the same state i have 10 documents and when i query for the states using the query http://ip:port/solr/select?q=state:Arunachal Pradesh it returns 10 values with the same state name, But i need the distinct values of state name only, Please help me on this

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Checking grouping/field collapsing feature in SOLR

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Thanks, yes grouping is what i am exactly looking for –  Siva Aug 29 '13 at 5:01

Is a facet query what you're after? This should get you a list of states with the number of docs per state:


Maybe describe exactly what the desired result is.

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thanks for the reply, i tried the facet it is working but actually what i need is grouping –  Siva Aug 29 '13 at 5:02

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