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I know I can use number_format, but is there a way to represent base32 numbers? For example, hex can be represented with 0x... and octal can be represented with a 0 in the front. Is there anything to represent base32 numbers in php?

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Oh sorry, yes I meant base_convert. :) –  Daniel Dec 4 '09 at 18:02

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Use the built-in function base_convert. For example:

// To convert from base 10 to base 32:
echo( base_convert( 12345, 10, 32 ) );
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I never seen a native notation for base32, but there is ofcourse Base_convert() .

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number_format() cannot be used to 'represent' a base 32 number, I wonder if you mean base_convert (http://php.net/base_convert) to move between bases, e.g.

echo(base_convert('FF', 16, 10));

As for defining them with a special prefix, as far as I'm aware PHP only supports 0 and 0x for octal/hexadecimal.

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