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I have this code in visual c++ 2012:

void Run()
    #pragma omp parallel for
    for(int imageNo=0;imageNo<4;imageNo++)
        RunForOneImage(imageNo, Data[imageNo],
                       width, height,
                       OutputWidth, OutputHeight);  

All variables in RunForOneImage are local variables and it doesn't use any global or class member variables.

When run it, I can see that only one core became busy and other core are idle.

Why this is not running in parallel?

I selected multi processor option in visual studio (/MP). Is there any other option that I should select?

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The /MP option means that the compilation will run on multiple processors, it's purpose is to "reduce the total time to compile the source files".

It has nothing to do with OpenMP API. To enable OpenMP support, there's an /openmp option (in the documentation you'll also find an example and the description of how to enable OpenMP support).

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Just go to Project Properties->C/C++->Language->Open MP Support and switch it to Yes.

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