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I have net_device which has the ndo_start_xmit function implemented.

When ndo_start_xmit function called I have an skb that contains the IP packet. I'll need to overt the packet with IP+UDP headers and send it back to the routing system.

The problem is that when I call the dst_input(skb) or dst_output(skb) I'll catch the NULL pointer dereference error. It seems that I can't use this functions to push the encapsulated packet into the network stack.

Can anybody helps me with the solution?

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If you want to push skb into kernel stack just use netif_rx(skb) function.

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Perfect, thanks. But how I can bypass the INPUT and the FORWARD paths? –  Ilya Matveychikov Aug 28 '13 at 12:22
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During Packet Transmission (from driver to network link )

Copy data from socket buffer(skb->data) to driver kernel buffer (inside hard_start_xmit function)

During Packet Reception (from network link to driver)

Create skb buffer.Copy data from driver kernel buffer to socket buffer and hand over to kernel network stack using netif_rx() function.

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