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I want to build a project on "Live Vehicle tracking system" using J2ee.following are my basic ideas-

  1. a website from which end user can track the vehicle(tracking can be done on Google maps).
  2. a GPS system embedded in the vehicle so that it can send location to the server.
  3. i think of using J2ee.please suggest me whether to use this or any other language.

This is basic idea.please make correction if necessary.

Thank you

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We are making sort of application using Spring ZK framework Maven and Mysql. Also we have our device for vehicle tracking. We already have some application made for tests. I can guarantee that J2ee is appropriate solution for it. We didn't have to made for example almost non of sql queries - all of them is easy to generate. We have experience in that field for 7 years and with different tools so yes that's good solution.

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