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I'm wondering if anyone familiar with AMFPHP or low level data storage could explain why integers are being stored as two bytes instead of four. As far as I can tell, the AMF3 protocol demands a four byte integer. The specific code in the serializer is the following:

 * writeInt takes an int and writes it as 2 bytes to the output stream
 * 0-65535 range
 * @param int $n An integer to convert to a 2 byte binary string
function writeInt($n) {
	$this->outBuffer .= pack("n", $n); // use pack with the n flag

I realize this question may be too specific, but can anyone help answer my question?

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See here for a quite nice explanation how it works:

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Thanks for the link Jan. – Ben Goosman Jan 18 '10 at 18:45

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