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I want to drag images from other websites into the dropzone on my website (between tabs/windows). This works with Firefox and Chrome, but not in IE 10 (same behaviour in gmail if you drop images into your email). In Firefox or Chrome the evt.dataTransfer contains enough information to either extract the URL or the image as a file.

dropbox.addEventListener("drop", drop, false);
... add more event listeners...

function drop(evt) {
    // in firefox this works:
    console.log(evt.dataTransfer.getData('text/html'));     ...

In IE10 the event doesn´t contain any useful information, it seems to get lost if I drag between tabs.

BUUUT, if i drop the image, IE navigates to the site where the image came from. Is there any way I can access this information? If I drop the image on my desktop I can dowload the picture.

How can I get the URL of the dropped image in IE 10?

Edit: there is a similar question here (didn´t help me) HTML5 drag and drop between windows

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