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I have the following project layout:

  • WAR Project A
    • Upstream Projects
      • Dependency B
      • Dependency C
      • Dependency D

I'm looking to setup A so that every time I want to trigger a build, it will first build B, C, and D. If either builds for B, C, or D fail then A's build should fail as well.

It seems like a common build case, but I'm not sure how to accomplish it. There are the following options but they don't seem to have the right relationship:

  • Build Triggers - Build after other projects are built
    • Will build the current project after some upstream projects, but I need to control the build from this project since I'm doing a WAR deployment. I just want to always build dependencies first.
  • Post-build Actions - Build other projects
    • Will build projects after this one, but that's backwards for what I want to do.

Is there a build configuration in Hudson (or through a plugin) that will work for me?

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This came up on the Hudson mailing list very recently. There is no direct support for this type of build configuration in Hudson.

See this thread:

You could use the Join plugin to create a 'build+deploy' job. It would have B,C and D as downstream projects, and then 'A' would become the join target.

Thus B C and D would need to complete successfully. If so, then the plain 'deploy' job of A would be launched. If there were any error, A would not launch. This is effectively the same as what you are asking for.

You can read about the join plugin here:

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Thanks for this post reference which was very thorough. For my builds, which use maven2, it will be enough for me to scm-poll on the dependency jobs (B,C, and D from original question), publish to the maven2 repo, and run project A's build whenever I want. Thanks again. The posters were right, you don't really need this type of setup, if you can rely on maven/ivy's dependency management. – abargnesi Dec 4 '09 at 19:43
Nabble link is a 404 – Nemi Aug 3 '11 at 19:41

Take a look at the Apache Ivy project ( It handles project dependencies very well, and it has a plugin for Hudson. From the way you describe the problem, I think this solution would work for you.

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I didn't mention in the original post that we already use maven2 for all of our builds. I was so hung up on purely atomic, grouped, builds that I didn't realize maven2/scm polling will do the trick quite effectively. Thanks for the information. – abargnesi Dec 4 '09 at 19:44

I think the Join Plugin, is what you are looking for. so you setup the A-Trigger job who triggers B,C,D and waits until all are finished and than A gets triggered.

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Oh cool plugin, didn't see that. I will try! – abargnesi Dec 4 '09 at 20:46

I have a similar project layout and found after a little bit research the following answeranswer How do I trigger another job from hudson as a pre-build step?.
A plugin which will perhaps work in the future is the PreBuild Plugin.

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