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I got a program that outputs a txt with column separator "\t" and row separator "\x00" (hex code)

But when I open the txt with MS Excel, Notepad++, LibreOffice, all the contents are put in one row.

But I want to open this in either MS Excel or LibreOffice in the "normal" view so that I can edit it easily.

I tried to find some type of buttons in LibreOffice to change the separator but I couldn't.

I changed encoding of it using Notepad++ to all encodings, but changing encoding didn't help at least at notepad++.

How can I open this file with row separator actually being displayed as it should?

I want to see this in multiple rows and edit it efficiently.

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In Notepad++, you can perform a Find and Replace (ctrl+h).

  1. Set the Search Mode to Extended
  2. For the Find what, enter \\x00
  3. For the Replace with, enter \n
  4. Hit Replace All

Replace \x00 with new lines

Then to replace the \t with tabs, you can:

  1. For the Find what, enter \\t
  2. For the Replace with, enter \t
  3. Hit Replace All

Replace \t with tabs

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This didn't work because notepad++ can't even display \\x00 . \\x00 is displayed as being broken. –  user2604484 Aug 28 '13 at 16:01
I'd have to see a sample of your data then –  tigeravatar Aug 28 '13 at 16:03

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