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I'm developing a product that will use extensively of Restlet for consume WCF Rest Services. I had created a method to post a XML of a class containing 2 attributes.

Restlet post my xml with Transfer-Encoding: chunked, and my WCF service, can't to interpret posted content, unfortunately WCF continues can't to deserialize my class parameters.

I tried to use the solution described here: but it won't work for me. My restlet client continues to post my request content using Transfer-Encoding: chunked. =(

Anybody had a problem like this? Can anybody help-me???

Thanks all and sorry by bad bad english =)

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I suggest that you contact Restlet community directly:

Try to provide sample code reproducing the issue.

Best regards,

Jerome Louvel

Restlet ~ Founder and Lead developer ~ Noelios Technologies ~ Co-founder ~

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