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I would like to seek a solution to this problem. Currently I setup a Page with sub pages which will serve as holding my custom post_type for each subpages.


  • Event
  • Article
  • Press Release

on this pages I add a custom rewrite URL so I can add a custom url for archive page, here is the code I did as a sample in Events

add_rewrite_rule('news/events/archive/([0-9]{4})/?$', 'index.php?pagename=events&yyyy=$matches[1]','top');
add_rewrite_rule('news/events/archive/([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{1,2})/?$', 'index.php?pagename=events&mm=$matches[2]&yyyy=$matches[1]','top');

but the problem is if I visited this url for example, www.site.com/news/events/archive/2013/ it redirect me back to the page url www.site.com/news/events/

is there any solution or fix that will solve my problem?

TIA, thanks

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sorry agian, I found the answer. it should be declare on pagename as pagename=news/events& –  zearth Aug 28 '13 at 13:44
You may want to add your solution as an answer so it can help people in future –  Anigel Aug 28 '13 at 13:46

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