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In order to edit version numbers for a project in JIRA, I need 'project admin' permission.

How can I check if I have this permission? Can I get a list of my project permissions?

(I can see the list of groups I belong to on my user profile, but not the permissions associated with any group)

EDIT: According to the documentation it is the permission "Administer Projects" needed to edit project versions.

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It doesn't seem like there's a "project admin" permission in JIRA. I would recommend you check the JIRA documentation –  Kermit Aug 28 '13 at 13:20

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There are several ways to check if someone has a certain permissions. The easiest one is to use the JIRA admin helper functionality available within JIRA as of version 6 (see Troubleshooting permissions with the JIRA admin helper), and as a freely available add-on from Atlassian Labs for JIRA 5.0 - 5.2.11.

Within JIRA 6 (or JIRA 5 after installing the add-on), go to the JIRA administration, and find the admin helper. It's pretty self explanatory. It lets you check whether you can do certain operations on a project, and tells you why, or why not.

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Thanks for the tip, quite helpful! The JIRA admin helper functionality is built into JIRA as of version 6 only apparently, but available as a freely available add-on for JIRA 5 - I have adjusted your answer accordingly. –  Steffen Opel Sep 2 '13 at 22:32

The smart guys from Kepler-Rominfo provide a dedicated (commercial) Add-on for that purpose, see RightsDNA:

Ever wondered where permissions came from? Ever wondered who can access a certain issue? RightsDNA can answer many of your questions, giving advices for clean security schemes inside your JIRA.

[...] it maintains the sanity of your permission schemes by calculating effective rights of the users and helps you establish a uniform set of permissions for your users.

Please note that I haven't tested this particular add-on myself so far, just took note due to them providing other very sophisticated add-ons I'm interested in and evaluating accordingly.

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