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I'm new here and at using makefiles. I have a question please:

I had3 tests to execute:

I added manually test1, test2 and test3 as targets in my make file like this:

test1: compile_design
 compile test1_testname.vhd >> log_file.log
 simulate test1_testname

I did the samething for test2 and 3.

also I added

all : test1 test2 test3

This works wonderfully.

Now, I want to make this makefile more portable: from an input file which contains the following information:


I want the 3 targets to be added automatically and in general n targets if the input file contains n lines.

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You don't even need to use a source file. It may be easier to list your targets at the top of the Makefile. Then, by using pattern rules, you can have what you want with the following.

TESTS=test1_testname test2_testname test3_testname

all: $(TESTS)

%_testname: compile_design
    compile $@.vhd >> log_file.log
    simulate $@

You can note that the pattern rule defines targets as test1_testname instead of the shorter test1. This is to avoid having a % pattern rule.

If you really want to use another file to list your targets, you can change the first line with

TESTS=$(shell cat yoursourcefile)
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Thanks. But normally test_name is different for each test. Thst's why I need to make targets name shorter: Is there any way to generate them like: testX: compile_design compile $@.vhd >> log_file.log simulate $@ with X from 0 to test_number (to get from the file line number) also I need an input file because test number will be different from one project to another. I hope there is a way to do this. –  user2725571 Aug 28 '13 at 14:47
Note that even if the names are different, it can work using the % target as in %: compile_design. Furthermore, $@ in the commands will automatically be replaced by the target name, i.e. the current test name. –  Didier Trosset Aug 29 '13 at 5:45
I used %: compile design compile $@.vhd >> log_file.log simulate $@ but I got makefile_tb.vhd >> log_file.log as if makefile is a target –  user2725571 Sep 17 '13 at 15:05

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