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I am basically trying to open a new tab in the Safari iPhone Mobile Browser (iOS 7) when the user clicks the "Done" button in the Native video player. This is the action flow:

  1. User Plays HTML5 Video (Clicks the Play Icon)
  2. Mobile Safari Opens Fullscreen Player 3 User Clicks Done

I tried various approaches and none of these events are working.

  1. ended
  2. webkitendfullscreen
  3. pause

Any ideas on on what may be a suitable solution? If you want to check out the work I have done so far here is the code and the JSFiddle Link:

    var myVideo = document.getElementById("nVideo");   

    myVideo.addEventListener("pause", function() {"", "_blank");
    }, false);    

    myVideo.addEventListener('webkitendfullscreen', function() {"", "_blank");
    }, false);  
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Did you find a solution? – cheeesus Nov 14 '13 at 18:30
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I banged my head on this for quite a few hours today. Initially, I was getting the 'webkitfullscreenchange' event to fire, but it was not being triggered on mobile. Eventually I found the event 'webkitendfullscreen', which is fired when the video is closed. Here is the code:

$('video').bind('webkitendfullscreen', function()
    console.log('on webkit close'); 

Hope this helps.

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diemondtank, you sir are a saint – gdibble Aug 10 '15 at 21:01

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