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The UI Automation framework has a base class, AutomationElement, that has a property, ItemStatus, that can be used to store arbitrary strings. I'm trying to get that property from the Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Tests base class, UITestControl.

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Look at the Coded UI Tests generated code for WpfControl. It has a property, NativeElement. This property is an AutomationElement.

public abstract class WpfControl : UITestControl

    public virtual object NativeElement
            return ((object)(this.GetProperty(UITestControlProperties.Common.NativeElement)));


You can write an extension method to cast it and get ItemStatus.

public static string GetItemStatus(this WpfControl control)
    var automationElement = (AutomationElement)control.NativeElement;
    return automationElement.Current.ItemStatus;

I am not certain why NativeElement is recorded as an object (which makes the getter cast redundant). All WPF controls' NativeElement are of type AutomationElement. I would suggest editing the generated code and simply calling control.NativeElement.Current.ItemStatus directly.

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