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I have a custom toolbar button created in accordance with the tutorial. The javascript code for the button is the following:

CustomButton = {

1: function () {
  alert("Just testing") 


And it works. When I click on this button, alert happens. I'm trying to make some changes, namely, fill input field on clicking this button, but this piece of code doesn't work:

CustomButton = {

1: function () {
  document.getElementById("loginUserName").value = "aaaa";  


The element with Id "loginUserName" exists on the page. I can easily fill it with Selenium WebDriver:


So my question is why it doesn't work in Firefox extension?

Thanks, Racoon

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Your toolbar button and the input field (assuming the latter is part of a web page) live in separate documents. But it's easy cross the boundary. Change your code to

gBrowser.contentDocument.getElementById("loginUserName").value = "aaaa";
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Paa, thanks, it works! –  Racoon Aug 29 '13 at 8:40

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