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Hello i have one question.. i can succesfully install webserver with multiple vhost rails applications but now i want add passenger support to existed nginx server (which is configured via ISPConfig).. the problem is that if i let passenger to download and compile nginx passenger-install-nginx-module it have configuration files in /opt/nginx but ISPConfig is using /etc/nginx, passenger is asking where nginx have to be installed but i dont know what to type for /etc/nginx configuration path. Another way im thinking is let apt-get install nginx but in that case i dont know how to add passenger.. i read about nginx-full but that download few bytes to my linux and does not work and from debian wiki https://wiki.debian.org/Nginx it does not contain passenger module anyway.. im using Ubuntu, what can i do ? :-)

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Run 'nginx -V', that will tell you what configure arguments were used to compile your distribution's Nginx. Pass those same arguments to passenger-install-nginx-module.

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thank you ! Another solution i thought about is using symlinks (from /etc to /opt).. i dont know what is better solution –  Muflix Aug 28 '13 at 20:41

when i'm install passenger installer ask me where put nginx (default /opt/nginx/). try reinstall passenger-install-nginx-module and read what installer write.

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