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I'm using BOOST TEST and I wonder if there is a way to find out the test suite from inside the test case. I know that I can find test case's name by:


Is there a way to find out the suite name also?

My suites-cases structure is:

suite ---> case 1

______|--> case 2

______|--> case 3


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A unit_test has not only p_name but also p_parent_id, which is the ID of the test suite. Both those properties are inherited from test_unit, which is the common base class for unit_test and test_suite.

To get the suite from the ID, we can look at how current_test_case works:

test_case const&
    return get<test_case>( s_frk_impl().m_curr_test_case );

The m_curr_test_case member is a test_unit_id, just like p_parent_id. So, to get the test suite of the current test case, you can use this:


Finally, test_suite has a p_name property just like unit_test, so you should find the name there.

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Thanks! I used: (boost::unit_test::framework::get<boost::unit_test::test_suite>(prnt_id_t)).p_n‌​ame, while prnt_id_t is: boost::unit_test::framework::current_test_case().p_parent_id; –  hudac Aug 29 '13 at 6:09

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