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Does someone have a good explanation for the following phenomenon? Consider the this:

col = rainbow(12, alpha = 1)
legend("bottom", border = "white",col = col, legend = 1:12, horiz= TRUE, pch =15, fill = "white")
legend("top", border = "white",col = col, legend = 1:12, horiz= TRUE, pch =15)

why are the legend("bottom" ...) and legend("top" ...) different in width?

Actually I was only trying to remove the legend border....

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btw: bty = "n" is what you need to remove the legend box border – Toby Aug 28 '13 at 15:33
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The boxes printed by fill="white" are making each item in the legend a bit wider, so that not as many of them fit in the allotted space.

So that you can see those boxes, and make out what's happening, change fill="white" to fill="black":

col = rainbow(12, alpha = 1)
legend("top", border="white", col=col, legend=1:12, horiz=TRUE, pch=15)
legend("bottom", border="white", col=col, legend=1:12, horiz=TRUE, pch=15, 

enter image description here

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right. thank you for that. but why is it done this way ? ;-) and if I may ask. how did you add the plot? (I couldn't find out) – Toby Aug 30 '13 at 9:28
@TobyElTejedor fill makes a box, whereas pch=15 and col together plot colored plotting characters of type 15. They clearly aren't intended to be used together: I'd suggest doing either legend("top", fill=col, border=FALSE, legend=1:12, horiz=TRUE) OR legend("top", col=col, legend=1:12, horiz=TRUE, pch=15). As for including a plot, there is a little snapshot icon above the window you type text into, or you can do Ctrl-G. (There's a slight chance that you may need just a bit more reputation than you have to do it -- maybe around 100, though I can't remember.) – Josh O'Brien Aug 30 '13 at 15:02
thanx. fyi: 69 reputation seems sufficient. – Toby Aug 30 '13 at 16:35

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