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I'm using Mechanize lib (with Python) to create a program to log in a system. But for that system the option Browser.Submit not works. So I'm trying to force my program to click in the button "login". Does anybody know if it's possible with Mechanize?

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You might consider looking at twill, if you haven't already. Twill is based on the mechanize package, and has a submit function that can be used to click buttons.

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You may also want to have a look at ghost.py which provides a headless WebKit browser accessible via Python (basically a Python variant of PhantomJS). Either should have no problem clicking on an arbitrary button (after filling out a form, or even evaluating some JS).

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Try RoboBrowser, which is built on top of Mechanize and Beautiful Soup.

Example code:

from robobrowser import RoboBrowser
crawler = RoboBrowser(history=True)
search_form = crawler.get_form(attrs={'name':'formName') #This is the name found in <formname=formName>
search_form['keywords'] = 'search keywords' # In form[] specify the <input name=''> of the subfield within the form element that you're trying to fill in.
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