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I have a QTableView and a QStandardItemModel. Is there have a column can contain checkboxes that are user editable without using delegates or using the abstract model classes? Not that I cant do it i just want to minimize the code, I would find it overkill for simple check boxes.

By using model.setData(index, Qt::Unchecked,Qt::CheckStateRole) this creates the checkbox but it is not user editable (text beside checkbox is)

i used modelTX.setData(index, FALSE) but this creates a combo box containing True and False.

ill try setItemData

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pls, check if the following example would work for you:

QStandardItemModel* tableModel = new QStandardItemModel();
// create text item
tableModel->setItem(0, 0, new QStandardItem("text item"));
// create check box item
QStandardItem* item0 = new QStandardItem(true);
item0->setText("some text");
tableModel->setItem(0, 1, item0);
// set model

hope this helps, regards

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thx for the reply. I will tr it on monday when i come back to work but I think it will work. –  yan bellavance Dec 5 '09 at 3:38

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